About Transcon Cargo

TransCon Cargo Ltd, a logistics company established and operating in Klaipeda since 2017. Cooperating with trusted partners in Belarussian and Lithuanian railway network, TransCon Cargo Ltd offers efficient and quality shipping services.


Dedicated experts with years of experience


Shipping from Asia, Far East, USA, African regions to Baltic States, Ukraine, CIS countries and back


Trusted partners in railway network


International shipping

Most optimal shipping solution
Railway and sea transport
Client representation at customs upon client‘s request
Railway cargo and container control and escort

Rail freight

Cargo forwarding and shipping
Transportation of non-standard cargo
Filing procedures
Client representation at customs upon client‘s request
3PL services

Sea freight

Cargo transportation both locally and globally
Freightage services
Shipment of cargo of diverse states and sizes
Filing procedures

Customs and commercial warehousing

4000 m² of storage area and a secure cargo site
Loading/unloading ramps
Customs and commercial warehousing services
Cross-docking services